We’re delighted to be able to share some activities you can do with your children this Lord’s day and through the rest of this week. We will be uploading a new one each week to be ready for you to use each Sunday.
(These activities are courtesy of Grace Community Church in CA).

You’ll find the following items in these PDF downloads:

  • A Family devotional, Coloring pages, a Craft, an Activity, and Teacher notes.

Week 1 - March 22 - 28 (God Forgives David) found in 2 Samuel 11:1–12:25.
Week 2 - March 29 - April 4 (God Gives Solomon Wisdom) found in 1 Kings 2:1–4, 3:1–15.
Week 3 - April 5 - 11 EASTER LESSON 1 (The Son of Man Anticipates His Death) found in Luke 22:7-46.
Week 4 - April 12 - 18 EASTER LESSON 2 (The Son of Man is Crucified) found in Luke 22:47–53, 23:26–49.
Easter Resources for Home-Based Discipleship

7 Biblical Truths to Teach Children about Disease and Disasters

(From Truth 78: Children Desiring God. The Sunday School Curriculum we use at Orchard)


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