Sunday School Classes-Spring Session
April 7, 2024     .     9:00 am - 10:00 am
Classes for all Ages:
Children grades K - 2
Children grades 3 - 5
Youth grades 6 - 12 
Adult Classes: 
  • Paul and the Law: Taught by Chris Vincent in Room 8.  What is Paul's complete view of the law and how can it help us understand the Gospel more?  This class will look to Paul's Letters as a whole to understand how the Old Testament Law impacts the life of a Christian.
  • 1 John-Life in Contrast: Taught by Bill Rutan in Room 7.  What does the Christian life look like? As we look at 1 John we will explore what it looks like to live a life in contrast with the world for the glory of God
  • New Members Class: Taught by Pastor Dave in Room 5.  Are you interested in becoming a member at Orchard Community Church or just want to learn what we mean by church membership? This class is necessary for anyone interested in becoming a member and will go over what Orchard believes as well as what it means to be a member at Orchard. This is a three week class.