Are We There Yet? Glory, Grace, and Grumbling in the Book of Numbers

“Are we there yet?” – This question usually comes about half way through a long road trip in the family car. Often it comes from the kids in the backseat, but everyone in the car is thinking it. Long journeys are difficult. It is hard in the middle of the journey to keep sight of the destination, especially when mile after mile just keeps on looking the same. It is easy to grumble and complain.

The book of Numbers in the Bible is about a long and very difficult journey as God’s people walk through the wilderness for many years hoping to get to the land God promised them. Along the way they struggle, grumble and complain. They doubt God’s goodness and often want to go back to where they were before, no matter how awful it was. Through their times of grumbling, God shows them grace. He continues to lead them and to provide for them. Their grumbling has consequences, but God remains faithful to them. And through it all, God’s glorious presence is with them as he fulfills his promise to lead them to the land he will provide for them.

This sermon series is called “Are We There Yet? Glory, Grace and Grumbling in the Book of Numbers.” As we walk through this great Old Testament book we will see ourselves in this story. We are also on a journey from our old life to being with God forever. We have also been saved by God and have His presence with us. But we are also prone to grumbling and need God’s constant grace. I pray we will learn about the greatness of God’s glory, as well as his grace toward grumbling people like us.

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