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 “Follow me…”  These were the first words Peter heard Jesus speak (Matthew 4:19) and were also some of the last (John 21:19).  Being a disciple means being one who has answered the call to follow Jesus.  Discipleship is a life-long process of following Christ, getting to know Him better, and learning to obey Him and live for His glory.
The goal of this sermon series is to help us better understand that Jesus is calling us to follow Him.  We have broken down this call into three parts.  It is the call be ROOTED in God, to be GROWING in faith and to be SPREADING the gospel through service and evangelism.  This is the pattern for every disciple of Jesus.  There is only one way to have a relationship (or be “rooted”) with God and this is through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Once in that relationship, God wants every believer to grow in our relationship with Jesus and not stay spiritual infants.  As we grow in this relationship, we learn to step out and serve for the cause of God’s Kingdom in this world.

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