Seeing Clearly: Revelation Sermon Series

There are terrifying moments when you are driving in a storm and the windshield is so covered by rain or snow that you cannot see anything in the distance.  Then the wipers move across the window to clear away the mess so you can see clearly again.  We have the same problem in our lives.  We get so caught up with what is right in front of us and the immediate pressures of this world that we fail to see that God has always been at work, is at work in our situations right now, and even has the future already planned.
The book of Revelation is a message to us about what God has been doing, is doing now, and will do in the future so that we can clearly see through the clutter of this world and trust in his power and eternal plan. 
In this sermon series we will examine the intricate details of Revelation as well as step back to look at the sweeping themes that make up this incredible book.  This sermon series is not about determining the date of or the proper sequence of events leading up to the end of the world.  It is about allowing God to wipe away the clutter of this present world that distorts our vision so that we can clearly see and trust in God’s eternal plan that is centered on the all-powerful King, the Son of God who gave his life in our place, Jesus Christ.

Sermon notes and daily devotionals will be distributed each week through the weekly worship bulletin.  Series notebooks to store notes and devotionals are available in the church foyer.

Sermons are listed with the most recent one on top.