The Cross Changes Everything

The Cross Changes Everything Sermon Series GraphicThe cross of Jesus changes everything. The cross changes our lives, our world, and our churches. The cross is the defining factor in what it means to be a Christian. It means there is a God and that He loves us. It means that sin is real, but so is salvation. It means that death is real, but so is new life in Christ. It means that though we and everything in this world is lost and without hope, the Son of God has sought us out and done what is necessary for us to have new hope, the hope of salvation, the hope of real and lasting change. The cross of Christ truly changes everything! This eight week sermon series looks at why the cross is so important and the ways the cross changes us and changes our world.

Sermons are available in two forms. The first player below may be used to listen to audio recordings of the sermons. The player below that may be used to watch videos of the sermons (use icon in top right of player to choose individual sermon videos). Sermons are listed in the order they were preached with the oldest sermon listed first and the newest sermon listed last.