The King Has Come - The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as our Messiah, King who has come to fulfill all of God's plans which are declared in the Old Testament. This sermon series looks at what it means that Jesus is our King, what it means to live in His kingdom, and how Jesus fulfills the Old Testament. Matthew challenges us with the ways people respond to Jesus so that we see ourselves in each of the different responses as sometimes we doubt and question and other times we respond with great faith. Finally, the Gospel of Matthew shows us what it means to be a disciple, or follower, of Christ. 

Sermons are available in two forms. The first player below may be used to listen to audio recordings of the sermons. The player below that may be used to watch videos of the sermons (use icon in top right of player to choose individual sermon videos). Sermons are listed in the order they were preached with the oldest sermon listed first and the newest sermon listed last.