The Plan from the Beginning

The Plan from the Beginning Series LogoSermon Series on Genesis Chapter 1-22

Scripture is the record of God carrying out His plan from beginning to end. At the beginning of Scripture we see this plan implemented in creation. The early chapters of Genesis are more than just an account of the what and how of creation, they tell us the who and the why. In these chapters we are introduced to the One who created all things and who is sovereign over all things. In these important chapters we are also introduced to His perfect plan for all of creation.

We see God design and create all things for His glory and for a perfect relationship with Him. We see a plan that is stronger than our sin, greater than our rebellion, and able to continue through the darkness of human history and the dark times of our individual lives as well. We see the beginning of the plan that runs through all of Scripture, leading through the cross of Christ, continuing until to the day Christ returns, and beyond. God's plan has never failed, it was there right from the beginning.

- Pastor Dave Daye
September, 2015