Watershed - Colossians Sermon Series

Watershed Series LogoA watershed is a topographical feature of the land that determines the direction in which water flows. Rain falling on one side of the watershed might flow to the Great Lakes. Rain on the other side might make its way to the Gulf of Mexico. The watershed is the determining factor that determines the course the water will take. We use this idea in life or in history as well. A watershed moment is something that changes or determines the course of human history.

As Christians, it is easy to add Jesus to our life as just another good thing to help us get by and make us feel better. We think our life is already flowing in the direction we want and Jesus just helps us along the way. But is this how God describes what Jesus does in our lives? Not at all! Jesus is the watershed that changes and determines the course of our lives. 

Paul writes the letter of Colossians to confront the church about some ways their culture and allowing these things to determine what they believed and how they acted. Paul exhorts them to stay focused on Christ because who Christ is and what he has done for us through his death and resurrection is what changes us, shapes us, and gives us our identity as Christians. Jesus is the watershed that makes all the difference in our lives. 

Christians today need this reminder. We need to understand that Jesus changes everything. No matter what our world is doing or where our culture is going, we must keep our focus on and our faith in Jesus Christ and allow him to set the course of our lives. The world needs this as well. People need to see Christians living in faithful trust and submission to Jesus so that they can see the change that the gospel can make in their lives as well.

This sermon series will work through the New Testament book of Colossians to see how Jesus must be our watershed.

Sermons are available in two forms. The first player below lists audio recordings of the sermons. The player below that lists videos of the sermons (use icon in top right of player to choose individual sermon videos). Sermons are listed in the order they were preached with the oldest sermon listed first and the newest sermon listed last.