Friday Night : 7pm-9:30pm



Every Friday night beginning in the Fall of 2016 the Junior High Youth will begin the study called "Teach Me Your Way". This is a  study that encourages students to surrender to Jesus in salvation and submit their minds, hearts, and wills to His way in obedience. The first several lessons focus on the need for salvation, and on God’s work in making idolaters into worshipers of Himself. Then, students examine the Sermon on the Mount, focusing on the inward heart attitude of a person who is submitted to Christ and His ways. The lessons explore the human tendency to worship the creation rather than the Creator, and to pursue the temporal benefits of the world over the eternal value of knowing Christ.


The Thread is a 52-lesson Bible study beginning in the Fall of 2016 to help SENIOR HIGH youth discover the life-changing narrative of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Most importantly though, we desire to show them how the thread of the Gospel is woven through every story.

The Thread PROMO video